About Us

SHOESHOP is a Spanish company which sales online of seasonal footwear "Marca España”.

Our range of products offered are characterized by quality, trust and diversity, in order to meet the growing demand of our customers.

Among our value proposals we highlight the multibrand offer of SHOESHOP, which allows our consumer to choose from the same channel a variety of footwear according to their needs and tastes. And always from a customer service close, available and efficient in order that satisfaction in the process of buying is full.

Among our priorities are a high degree of commitment to our customers, suppliers and society. It is therefore a dynamic company, with social values and that grows in a sustainable way.

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Our company: In 2014 born SHOESHOP, and, from the first moment, we bet on the online channel as our main business model. The spirit by which SHOESHOP is created is to be able to offer to the national and international market a great variety of footwear " Spain Brand" in a easy website, without giving up the quality nor to a good aftersales service.

Our brands: The variety of products offered, are all from Spanish footwear manufacturers, representing a economical sector with international recognition for the use of high quality materials, fashion design, comfortable and adapted to the needs of our clients. The diferents brand are selected in a rigorous way by SHOESHOP.

Our customer service:

Maintaining the closeness with the client and the personalized treatment are the premises on which our philosophy revolves.

In SHOESHOP our client has different alternatives with which to get your questions or questions about that article that you like so much. In our company we are looking forward to helping you. SHOESHOP's website is designed to provide consumers with their purchasing process, an easy, fast and attractive website.

SHOESHOP's payment methods include secure payment, which transmits to our customer a high confidence in the economic transaction of their purchase.

As for the shipments, just place your order, we start shipping as soon as possible.