Payment Methods

The payment methods enabled on the SHOESHOP website are three:

• By credit or debit card (secure electronic commerce, CES)

• By Paypal

• By Bank transfer

What credit cards can I use to pay?

VISA and Mastercard.

Can I pay with a debit card?

Yes, provided that such card is enabled for Safe Electronic Commerce.

For what reason can the payment be rejected with my card?

The data that we request for payment must match your card. A simple mistake can result in the rejection of the operation, so we ask you to fill in the payment form with care. Other reasons for refusal of payment may be if the credit limit has been exceeded or the card may be expired. Finally, the transaction can also be denied if the card is not enabled for Secure Electronic Commerce. Check with your bank before any doubt related to your card as a means of payment. In the following questions we give you more information about Secure Electronic Commerce (CES).

What is Secure Electronic Commerce, CES system?

Secure Electronic Commerce (CES) is the new form of payment developed by Visa and MasterCard that enables secure purchases on the Internet and authenticates the buyer as the legitimate owner of the card they are using. To pay for your purchases through secure electronic commerce you will need a secret key that your own bank will provide. In this way, fraud in the network is impossible and guarantees total security in transactions. It will no longer be necessary to fax a copy of D.N.I. or other types of methods to identify the card holder. Your order will be processed more easily and quickly.

What is the payment procedure through CES?

1. When you choose the form of payment by card, the virtual POS will ask you for the number and expiration date as before.

2. At this point a screen will appear in which your bank will ask for your secret key. Subsequently our secure server receives the affirmative or negative answer of the virtual POS.

What is the procedure of payment by transfer?

If you choose this form of payment, at the time of confirming the order, the web system itself will redirect you to a contact form so that we can provide you with the SHOESHOP account where to make the transfer.